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EasyCare Inc.

Easyboot LC Glue-On

*Sold Individually​

The Easyboot LC is a hybrid of the Easyboot Glue-On shell and the EasyShoe Performance.

Intended as glue-on hoof protection for the entire trim cycle, it's a great option for endurance riders and conditioning, and works well for therapy purposes. The keyhole design allows for independent heel movement both horizontally and vertically with each foot fall, and the flexible rubber insole supports natural heel growth and expansion over time.

It can be common to see 4-8mm of heel expansion in each four to six week application. The length of the LC is longer than other EasyCare models and should be cut to fit. Cuff height has two lines that guide trimming the upper if a lower profile install is desired. Four holes in the cuff act as dowel pins and strengthen the adhesive bond.

When applying the Easyboot LC for a full trim cycle we recommend pre-treating the sole with an antimicrobial hoof putty to help prevent the occurrence of thrush.

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