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It's the most wonderful time of the year for horse owners. The smell of fresh cut and baled hay is in the air. But what's in that hay ? Is it straight grass ? Does it have too much alfalfa or not enough alfalfa ? Do I need to supplement with a pelleted feed ? These are all questions we ask ourselves and the only true way for all our questions to be answered is to test our hay. It's simple and easy, all that's required is to take a sample from your bales and send it to us.

We'll hand deliver your sample to the lab where it will be analyzed. Once we receive your results, we'll enter the information into our nutrition software. We'll know if there are any nutrient gaps and we can provide recommendations for top up feeds or supplements to help fill any deficiency your hay may have. Our program is 100% independent! This means we don't have any sort of vested interest in what you feed. All we care about is that your horse is getting everything he needs and that what you are feeding is truly what is best for him! Good news for you, as this allows us to assess and compare any feed or supplement available to you from any manufacturer.