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Winning Touch now provides equine nutrition services to ensure the best diet for your horse at a cost you can afford.

Nutrition Made Easy

We have joined forces with FeedXL to take the guesswork out of your horse’s nutritional needs. You can now get a custom-made diet solution to meet your horse’s dietary needs.

Nutrition, alongside good hoof care, is the cornerstone to maintaining soundness in your horse.  Figuring out what to feed your horse can be challenging and expensive. Up until now it has largely been a process of trial and error.

Working with FeedXL, Winning Touch can help you eliminate error and get your horse’s diet on track and cut your feed costs.

“A horse’s nutrition affects the entire body from the forelock through the gut to the hoof, and oftentimes a nutritional imbalance first presents itself in the hoof. By understanding the essentials of nutrition, you as the owner can take action when these problems first emerge — whether first in the feet or elsewhere”

American Farriers Journal

How it Works

FeedXL software allows us to create a diet tailor made for your horse. It is 100% independent with no affiliation with any feed producers so you can rest easy knowing we are providing the best care for your horse.

FeedXL software works by first analysing your existing forage. We simply upload your forage analysis into FeedXL and it will show you what your forage is, and more importantly, is not providing in the diet.

We can then identify the best feed or supplements to meet your horse’s needs.

Cut Costs

Besides providing the best feed options for your horse’s nutritional needs, FeedXL allows us to input your existing forage and supplement costs.

We can then compare those costs to multiple combinations of feeds and supplements to find the one that works for your horse and your budget!

Select Your Program


$249 for a limited time!  (Normally $299)

This option provides a complete forage/hay and nutritional breakdown. Provide us with a sample of your forage/hay, complete the questionnaire and we'll take care of everything.  

Your feed sample will be sent to an independent laboratory for testing and once we receive the results, we will input all of your information into FeedXL and send you a report showing you all of the data for your current feeding program, as well as a list of options for feeds / supplements to fill any nutrition gaps.  


$79 for a limited time! (Normally $129)

A great option if you’ve already had your forage tested. You simply complete the questionnaire with your horse’s information and current feeding program. We then input the provided information into FeedXL for you.

After processing, you will receive a report showing all of the data for your current feeding program, as well as a list of options for feeds and supplements to fill any nutritional gaps.

The FeedXL database includes basic information for most common types of hay and forage, so it’s possible to provide reports without doing testing, however your results will be based on the typical nutrient values and may not be completely accurate for your situation.


FeedXL Subscription

If you prefer to work things out yourself Winning Touch offers 20% off your FeedXL subscription.

Simply use this link [external link] to signup.

Please use coupon codeVRHZDEwhen you check out to receive your discount

See Real Benefits

We love our horses and are committed to providing the very best care. Our nutritional services can provide real results for your horse at any life stage. We can help:

~ Build muscle and topline

~ Improve coat

~ Maintain joint health

~ Optimise gut health

~ Improve and maintain fertility

~ Support and maintain a strong immune system

~ Help manage diseases such as laminitis and tying up

~ Improve behaviour

~ Identify low starch and sugar feeds and supplements

~ Support overall health and performance.

Enquire Now

Can I buy my horse’s feed from you?

No, we don’t sell feed.  We analyze your horse’s diet and then provide you with options to address any gaps in nutrition from all of the major brands, so you can choose.

I buy my hay from the same supplier each year, do I still need to get it tested?

Nutrient levels and particularly non-structural carboydrates (NSC) can change from year to year depending on weather conditions, moisture levels and soil nutrient levels.  This is especially important if you have a horse that has insulin resistance, PPID (Cushings), laminitis or any other nutrition related condition.