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By offering a complete range of rehabilitation services under the one roof, Winning Touch saves you the time of looking for different treatments. Instead we can focus on healing your horse.

Committed to Care

Supporting our commitment to providing meaningful and complete horse care, Winning Touch is certified to offer equine massage and rehabilitation services.

Working with you, I can support your horse through injury or trauma rehabilitation and assist ease pain.

Did you know 90% of attitude issues in horses are the direct result of body soreness?

It makes sense, right?

When we are in pain our focus becomes that pain. We adapt our behaviour to ease our discomfort and over time we become tired and irritable. Managing pain takes effort. It’s no different for horses.

Working with you and your veterinarian, I can help create a complete rehabilitation program for your horse.

Winning Touch offers:

Equine massage,

Kinesiology taping,

Pulsed magnetic field therapy,

Acupressure and red-light therapy,

Complete hoof care and farrier services. 

Equine Massage

As with human athletes, horses develop strains, muscle tears, adhesions and body fatigue resulting from regular or strenuous exercise. Also like humans, horses may experience physical discomfort simply as part of the aging process. Everyday wear and tear builds up in the body.

Massage can help relieve that fatigue and body stress making for a happier and healthier horse.

Kinesiology Tape

It has become increasingly common to see human athletes wearing kinesiology tape and now it is available for your horses as well.

Kinesiology tape can help decrease pain, increase muscle strength, improve blood and lymph circulation and add stability to joints.  

ThereaPulse PEMF Blanket

Pulsed Magnetic field therapy permeates all cells, enhances ion exchange, normalized circulation and increased oxygen utilization of the cell.

Field strengths are changed to provide treatment in different stages of healing. Lower frequencies are used to reduce pain and inflamation, while higher frequencies are used later in the healing process to stimulate and increase circulation.

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Will you come to my horse?

I do. Equine massages are generally done at your property unless you say otherwise. I service Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan areas.

Depending on your location, a minimum number of horses may be required or mileage charges may apply.