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Winning Touch is a certified MagnaWave PEMF practitioner in the Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan area.

What is MagnaWave PEMF?

PEMF is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency waves sent throughout the body to promote whole body wellness. As a companion treatment to conventional methods, PEMF promotes overall health and wellness naturally

MagnaWave is a PEMF delivered through a coil placed on your horse. Working on a cellular level it stimulates the body to heal itself.

As a certified MagnaWave practitioner I can help promote your horse’s overall health by alleviating inflammation.

How it Works

Using PEMF, blood oxygen is increased, the lymphatic system is activated and acupuncture points are stimulated. Oxygenating the blood helps relieve inflammation, and because all pain is caused by inflammation, we can relieve the pain and swelling.  This means your horse’s body can begin to heal itself naturally.

MagnaWave sends a pulsating charge through tissue to treat focal areas. These areas are identified by twitching muscles. This helps to pinpoint problem areas and treat the source of pain rather than simply manage symptoms.

Generally horses enjoy MagnaWave PEMF sessions and, depending on the case, improvement may be seen after a single treatment.

Benefits of MagnaWave

PEMF is non-invasive, can be applied anywhere and treatment sessions may help a range of issues including:

~ Equine tendon and ligament injuries,

~ Chronic hock soreness,

~ Non-union fractures,

~ Founder Stone bruises,

~ Muscle soreness and pain,

~ Abscess pulling,

~ Arthritic conditions,

~ Mobility and Non-healing wounds,

and much more.

Not Just For Horses

Biology is biology. So much like your horse, MagnaWaving your pet regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle can optimize their level of health.

The conditions that are very responsive to MagnaWave in pets include arthritis, injuries, wounds, cancers, circulatory problems, fractures, spinal cord problems, seizure disorders, skin disorders, aging, diabetes complications, and many more.

Unfortunately, many pet owners decide to wait until it’s too late to begin using MagnaWave because there is a lack of awareness on the value of MagnaWave has for pets in any given situation.

Try it today.

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How long do sessions take?

Standard sessions take about an hour and treat the neck, shoulders, back and hind quarters.  Additional areas can be added or sessions can be customized to suit your horse’s needs

How many sessions does it take to see results?

It really depends on the individual horse.  In most cases, you’ll see some improvement after the first couple of sessions.  We suggest continuing sessions as long as your horse continues to experience positive results.

Can my horse be ridden after a Magna Wave session?

Yes, as long as your horse is sound, it’s perfectly fine to ride after the session.  Many people use Magna Wave as a warmup prior to competing or between events to help relieve fatigue and improve performance

Is Magna Wave only for horses?

Magna Wave is great for all animals!  Contact us to find out how we can help.