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Hi! I’m Debbie Kowbel, certified farrier, equine massage therapist, holistic equine health professional, accredited Magna Wave practitioner and equine nutrition consultant.

It’s a mouthful, right?

It certainly won’t fit on a business card. But, I believe providing this blend of services in one place is the best way I can help you get your horse happy and healthy and performing at their best.

I’ve been around horses most of my life. A pony ride at age 5 began a life long love that has grown into my life’s work. At that age I couldn’t know I would go on to dedicate years to holistic equine health training or establish my own farrier business. I just knew I loved horses.

That love was, and still is, the backbone of Winning Touch Equine Services.

The Horse That Started It All

While I knew I loved horses it was a particular horse that pointed me in the right direction.

Growing up I was fortunate to both ride and help train horses. In my teens I developed a passion for barrel racing and that passion led me to a horse called Nitro.

Nitro had all the speed you could hope for in a barrel horse. What I would learn was that he also possessed a highly-strung nature, hated men and, as it turned out, had a talent for injuring himself.

He was a challenge, no doubt. A challenge that required a patient and knowledgeable horse care provider. I was quick to learn that there weren’t too many people with the patience or interest in accepting that challenge.

Besides being “difficult” Nitro only responded positively to women and back in 2003, female farriers were few and far between.

Nitro was my light bulb moment.

Through my experience with him I realised I would be the best person to meet his particular challenges. I also knew there were plenty of horses like him and I could help them too.

It made perfect sense. I’d already spent most of my life around horses; I had patience, was persistent and knew through experience that some horses just need a little more time and negotiating than others. They’re a lot like people that way.

Over the next several years I completed a farrier course at Oklahoma Horseshoeing School. I went on to study equine massage therapy, thermal imaging and Magna Wave PEMF. I’ve continued studying over the years and now operate Winning Touch Equine Services. 

My Love For Hoses Hasn't Waned

At heart I am still that 5-year old girl – and I understand you want to spend quality time with your horse.

I also understand there is a lot to caring for a horse. It’s OK; you can say it. We’re all friends here:

Horses can be a lot of work!

From hoof care and proper nutrition, to dealing with illness, injury and training, horses take time. It’s never simple and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to horse care.

However, I believe I can help you streamline their care giving you more time to do the things you love.

I’ve combined a range of compatible services in the one place so you can spend less time tracking down help and more time with your horse.

From 160 acres near Fraserwood, Manitoba Winning Touch Equine provides a complete horse care service including:

Farrier services,

Equine massage,

Magnawave PEMF therapy,

Equine thermal imaging,

Equine nutrition services and Saddle fit imaging [internal link]

All these services are proudly offered with Winning Touch’s core principal in mind – “It’s All About the Horses.” These words are why I began working with horses and why I’m still here.

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