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Since graduating from the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School in 2010, I’ve provided farrier services across Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. I’m committed to providing the best care for your horse.

So, what does a good farrier do?

A good farrier will keep your horse’s feet balanced and functioning properly. Regular maintenance from a professional will keep the hoof flexible and resilient. It’s my job to maintain the hoof to keep proper foot and pastern angles for optimum mobility, performance and hoof health. 

To ensure I’m the best person to help maintain your horse’ foot health I continue to study with both conventional farriers and barefoot trimmers.

“…a sound hoof is crucial to the health and function of the horse. Regular hoof care is one of the most important aspects of keeping a horse.”

American Farrier Journal

Complete Hoof Care

Besides trimming techniques I’ve also studied and can advise on other factors that contribute to your horse’ hoof health including: anatomy, nutrition, and environmental factors, as well as hoof rehabilitation (including founder and navicular).

My 10+ years of experience and continued study mean I can offer you a holistic and complete farrier service. I can work with you to not only maintain your horse’ feet but also assist with preventative and restorative hoof care.

Patience in the Paddock

Providing practical hoof care is just one part of the Winning Touch Service. My training as a farrier is due in large part, to my own horse Nitro. Long story short, his challenging nature required patient and persistent care. I struggled to find that for him so I took it upon my self to train as a professional farrier and holistic care provider.

I love what I do but my greatest reward is hearing that my clients appreciate the patience and care I put in to providing my farrier services. That’s especially true for challenging or highly-strung horses.

I provide the service I would want for my own horse.

But don’t take my word for. You can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth…

“Extremely professional, talented and knowledgeable Winning Touch provides a wide array of services for your equine friend. Debbie is incredibly patient and willing to do what it takes to make your horse/donkey/mule comfortable. Winning Touch has helped bring back life into many of our rescued horses and dinkeys? There is no other option for us!” 

- Hooves ‘N Hounds Rescue

“I just has the most amazing experience with a fabulous farrier that I would highly recommend! Thank you Debbie Kowbel for your caring and very knowledgeable approach in hoof care!” 

- Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm


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**We're currently fully booked for hoof trimming / farrier services and are not accepting new clients at this time. **

Do you offer shoeing services or just trimming?

We don’t currently offer shoeing services. 

We provide trimming, glue on composite shoes, hoof casts, Easy Care Hoof Boots and Hoof Armor.